Dural CI+ FH Decoupling Carrier Mat

It is of vital importance that the installation of any underfloor heating system is preplanned. Care must be taken to understand the requirements of the heating system of your choice. The heating cable layout must be pre-planned to avoid any “cross overs”. The positioning of sensors and the power supply must be predetermined.

For general room heating we recommend that cables be installed in the CI – FH membrane at 75mm.

Dural CI+ FH Carrier Decoupling Matting

Advantages of CI+ FH Decoupling Matting:

DUAL-PURPOSE two products in one handy application – decoupling matting and a cable holder

UNIVERSAL decoupling carrier matting can be used with all types of electric underfloor heating cables

FAST underfloor heating cables can be installed quicker using our decoupling mat

EFFICIENT cables can be positioned where the heat is needed in the room

SAFE protects cables from trowel work while embedding in adhesive or self-smoothing screed

COST EFFECTIVE use your preferred cable brand with our decoupling matting to save on cost


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